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Visnudharma Purana

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Visnudharma Purana
Vishnudharmottara Purāṇa (or the Vishnudharmottara) is a Hindu text, encyclopaedic in nature. Along with the narratives, it also deals with cosmology, cosmogony, geography, astronomy, astrology, division of time, pacification of unfavourable planets and stars, genealogies (mostly of kings and sages), manners and customs, penances, duties of Vaiṣṇavas, law and politics, war strategies, treatment of diseases of human beings and animals, cuisine, grammar, metrics, lexicography, metrics, rhetoric, dramaturgy, dance, vocal and instrumental music and arts. It is considered as a supplement or appendix to the Vishnu Purāṇa. It is included in the list of eighteen Upapuranas given in the Brihaddharma Purāṇa. The extant text is divided into three khaṇḍa (parts). The first khaṇḍa comprises 269 adhyayas (chapters), the second khaṇḍa comprises 183 adhyayas and the third khaṇḍa comprises 118 adhyayas.
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Keywords: Visnudharma, Purana
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